№2(98)/2020-Биология, Медицина, География

№2(98)/2020-Биология, Медицина, География


  • Amirkhanova Zh.T. Study of biological properties of Lactobacillus helveticus strains isolated in the Karaganda region for the design of the consortium

  • Amenova D.М. Assessment of water-retaining capacity of wheat seedlings after exposure to laser radiation

  • Bairon L.Zh. Identification of new strains of lactic acid bacteria from south region of Kazakhstan

  • Джангалина Э.Д. Разработка протокола массового получения каллусных культур фасоли казахстанской и зарубежной селекции

  • Ishmuratova М.Yu. Analysis of representatives of Lamiaceae family in the flora of the Central Kazakhstan

  • Orazov A.E. Scientific and legal aspects of preservation of rare representatives of dwarf almond section of flora in East Kazakhstan

  • Rakhmetova A.A. Geoecological assessment of the dynamics of pollution of the Nura river and Samarkand reservoir

  • Садырова Г.А. Анализ флоры травянистых растений города Алматы

  • Seksenova D.U. Parameters of biochemical serum test of pigs in sarcosporidiosis

  • Yelkenova B.Z. The influence of atmospheric pollution on the growth and development of pine in the conditions of the Irtysh Semipalatinsk region

  • Khassenova A.E. Biodegradation and bioconversion of cellulose containing waste using bacterial and fungal consortium

  • Bakyt L.G. Determination of Helicobacter pylori by ELISA: single-center experience

  • Досымбекова Р.С. Оқшауланған гепатоциттердің жасушалық гомеостазын сақтауда аутофагияның ролі

  • Meyramov G.G. On the chemical mechanisms of interaction of diabetogenic toxic substances with zinc in the pancreas and methods for its prevention

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