• Assanova A.T. A nonlocal problem for loaded partial differential equations of fourth order/A.T. Assanova, A.E. Imanchiyev, Z.M. Kadirbayeva

  • Bekmaganbetov K.A. Order of the trigonometric widths of the Nikol’skii-Besov classes with mixed metric in the metric of anisotropic Lorentz spaces/K.A. Bekmaganbetov, K.Ye. Kervenev, Ye. Toleugazy

  • Dzhumabaev D.S. One approach to solve a nonlinear boundary value problem for the Fredholm integro-differential equation/D.S. Dzhumabaev, S.T. Mynbayeva

  • Ibraev Sh.Sh. Cohomology of simple modules for algebraic groups/Sh.Sh. Ibraev, L.S. Kainbaeva, S.K. Menlikhozhayeva

  • Ibrayeva A.A.Deformations of the three-dimensional Lie algebra/A.A. Ibrayeva, Sh.Sh. Ibraev, B.E. Turbayev

  • Kalimbetov B.T. Asymptotic solutions of scalar integro-differential equations with partial derivatives and with rapidly oscillating coefficients/B.T. Kalimbetov, Kh.F. Etmishev

  • Kosmakova M.T. Constructing the fundamental solution to a problem of heat conduction/M.T. Kosmakova, A.O. Tanin, Zh.M. Tuleutaeva

  • Kozhanov A.I. Spectral problem for the sixth order nonclassical differential equations/A.I. Kozhanov[et al.]

  • Mazhgikhova M.G. Green function method for a fractional-order delay differential equation/M.G. Mazhgikhova

  • Yeshkeyev A.R. Closure of the special atomic subsets of the semantic model/A.R. Yeshkeyev, A.K. Issaeva, N.V. Popova

  • Yeshkeyev A.R. Ñore Jonsson theories/A.R. Yeshkeyev, A.K. Issayeva, N.V. Popova

  • Minglibayev M.Zh. New exact particular analytical solutions of the triangular restrictedthree-body problem/M.Zh. Minglibayev, T.M. Zhumabek

  • Pylypaka S.F. Movement of a material particle on an inclined plane all the points of which describe circles in oscillatory motion in the same plane/S.F. Pylypaka[et al.]

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