• Yurov V.M. Application of highly entropic coatings at simultaneous spraying of three cathodes in one cycle/V.M. Yurov, E.N. Eremin, S.A. Guchenko

  • Dzhanabekova R.Kh. SERS substrates based on silver nanoparticles and graphene oxide/R.Kh. Dzhanabekova, N.Kh. Ibrayev

  • Исмаилов Ж.Т. Влияние легирования оловом, таллием и медью на квантовые подвижности дырок в монокристаллах теллурида сурьмы/Ж.Т. Исмаилов, В.А. Кульбачинский

  • Sagdoldina Zh.B. The impact of non-vacuum electron beam treatment on the structure and properties of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene/Zh.B. Sagdoldina

  • Rakhadilov B. Features of the structure and properties formation of AMG6 alloy under the equal channel angular pressing/B. Rakhadilov[et al.]

  • Kucheruk V. Development of the mathematical model of light flux intensity sensor based on the photodiode and operational amplifier/V. Kucheruk [et al.]

  • Nosov P.S. Development of means for experimental identification of navigator attention in ergatic systems of maritime transport/P.S. Nosov [et al.]

  • Tleukenov S.K. Laws of reflection and refraction of TE and TM polarization waves on the border of rhombic crystals/S.K. Tleukenov, K.N. Balabekov, Z.K. Zhalgasbekova

  • Tanasheva N.K. Research lift coefficient on the distance between the revolving cylinders a turbulent stream/N.K. Tanasheva, A.N. Dyusembaeva, N.N. Shuyushbaeva

  • Sheveleva E. Investigation with using thermal analysis of gas evolution and sintering of nanopowders of zirconia prepared by sol-gel method/E. Sheveleva[et al.]

  • Ubaychin A.V. Laboratory model of microwave hyperspectrometer for internal radiation researches of layered natural mediums/A.V. Ubaychin[et al.]

  • Yermoshin N.I. Double-channel resistance-to-voltage converter for cable teraohmmeters/N.I. Yermoshin, E.V. Yakimov, A.E. Goldshtein

  • Kasymov D. On the design of some devices for localization and extinguishing wildfires of different intensities/D. Kasymov, O. Galtseva

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  • Shuyushbayeva N.N. The role of research tasks in teaching physics/N.N. Shuyushbayeva [et al.]

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