About development of a new method of processing of low-quality phosphate raw materials

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dc.contributor.author Dzhanmuldaeva, Zh.K.
dc.contributor.author Yakubova, R.R.
dc.contributor.author Seitmagzimova, G.M.
dc.contributor.author Tleuova, S.T.
dc.date.accessioned 2020-02-12T11:32:33Z
dc.date.available 2020-02-12T11:32:33Z
dc.date.issued 2019-10-30
dc.identifier.citation Dzhanmuldaeva Zh.K. About development of a new method of processing of low-quality phosphate raw materials/Zh.K. Dzhanmuldaeva[et al.]//Қарағанды универисетінің хабаршысы. Химия Сериясы.=Вестник Карагандинского университета. Серия Химия.=Bulletin of the Karaganda University. Chemistry Series.-2019.-№4(96).-P. 105-110. ru_RU
dc.identifier.issn 2518-7945
dc.identifier.uri http://rep.ksu.kz//handle/data/9391
dc.description.abstract Kazakhstan has huge reserves of phosphate raw materials. Nowadays high-grade phosphates are almost exhausted, and the ore is mainly represented by run-of-mine and low-grade phosphorites with small phosphorus content. Processing of low-grade phosphate raw materials by traditional methods is hindered. Formed large amounts of solid waste at phosphorus production require searching methods of their recycling or utilization. It also makes an urgent the search for new alternative ways of processing low-quality phosphate raw materials. Obtaining phosphorus oxyfluoride from low-grade phosphorites with its further processing into elemental phosphorus is one of ways of processing such phosphate raw materials, which allows to simplify the process and improve phosphates quality. According to the task, the process of calcium phosphates interaction with ammonium fluoride was investigated; thermodynamic analysis of possible reactions was carried out, which confirmed primary formation of monoammonium phosphate with the following its conversion into phosphorus oxyfluoride. The results of mass spectrometric analysis of samples of dicalcium phosphate and tricalcium phosphate in a mixture with ammonium fluoride confirmed the proposed mechanism of interaction. Based on the results obtained, possibility is shown and optimal parameters for processing low-grade phosphate raw materials into phosphorus were determined. ru_RU
dc.language.iso en ru_RU
dc.publisher KSU publ. ru_RU
dc.relation.ispartofseries Chemistry Series;№4(96)
dc.subject low-grade phosphorites ru_RU
dc.subject phosphate raw material processing ru_RU
dc.subject phosphorus oxyfluoride ru_RU
dc.subject ammonium fluoride ru_RU
dc.subject thermodynamic analysis ru_RU
dc.subject isobar-isothermal potential ru_RU
dc.title About development of a new method of processing of low-quality phosphate raw materials ru_RU
dc.type Article ru_RU

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