2019 №1(31)

2019 №1(31)


  • Study of the structure of amorphous carbon films modified with silicon oxide/ A.P.Ryaguzov ,M.A.Kudabayeva , R.R.Nemkayeva a.e.

  • Astanov, S.Kh. Hipochromic effect in riboflavin solutions/ S.Kh.Astanov, M.Z.Sharipov , G.K.Kasimova

  • Yurov, V.M. Dimensional effects and surface energy of ferroelectric crystals/V.M.Yurov ,A.S.Baltabekov ,V.Ch.Laurinas/ S.Kh.Astanov, M.Z.Sharipov , G.K.Kasimova

  • Development of energy analyzer of charged particles based on the basis non-uniform electrostatic field/ А.О.Saulebekov, D.Vénos, Zh.T. Kambarova a.e.

  • Kumekov, S.E. Diffusive spectra of antistokes wing of photoluminescence of carbon nanostructures / S.E. Kumekov, N.K. Saitova

  • Sharipov, M.Z. Effect of inhomogeneous radially directed mechanical stresses on the domain structure of a FeBO3 single crystal / M.Z. Sharipov, N.N. Mirzhonova, D.E. Hayitov

  • Zhumabekov, A.Zh. Investigation of photocatalytic activity of TiO2-GO nanocomposite / A.Zh. Zhumabekov, E.V. Seliverstova, N.Kh. Ibrayev

  • Agelmenev, M.E. Intermolecular interaction in liquid crystals / Agelmenev M.E.

  • The influence of the magnetic field on the currentvoltage characteristics of cupc nanostructures / Zavgorodniy A.V. [et al.]

  • Kopbalina, K.B. Quantum-chemical calculations of the structure and electron transitions of multimolecular films / K.B. Kopbalina, N.A. Mazhenov, G.M. Bimbetova

  • Narimanov, R.K. Application of a complete multi-network method for solving the problem of flows around sphere / R.K. Narimanov, G.N. Narimanova

  • Sabdenov, K.O. The calculation of the heat transfer coefficient from the walls and pipes of thermal networks in the environment / K.O. Sabdenov, K.Ye. Sakipov

  • Yershina, A.K. About high efficiency of two-rotor wind power unit Bidarrieus-2 / A.K. Yershina, Sh.A. Yershin

  • Sakipova, S.E. Modeling aerodynamics of the wind turbine with rotating cylinders / S.E. Sakipova, N.K. Tanasheva

  • Laser photoacoustics method for determination of the coefficients of thermal conductivity and thermal diffusivity of materials / Merzadinova G.T. [et al.]

  • Yurov, V.M. The impact of the environment on the contact potential difference of metal machine parts / V.M. Yurov, V.S. Oleshko

  • Narimanova, G.N. System of heterogeneous data transmission on the basis of a self-regulation network with an option of retransmission / G.N. Narimanova, M.A. Inkina

  • Yesbayev, A.N. Investigation of the model for the essentially loaded heat equation / A.N. Yesbayev, G.A. Yessenbayeva, M.I. Ramazanov

  • Yessenbayeva, G.A. On calculation methods for the model of plates bending / G.A. Yessenbayeva, D.N. Yesbayeva, T.Kh. Makazhanova

  • Modeling of a two-phase flow of liquid with small-size gas bubbles / I.M. Vasenin [et al.]

  • Potapov, A.A. Creation and development of the fundamental area "Fractal radiophysics and fractal radio electronics: development of fractal radio systems”. Part 1. Theory and main scientific prospects. / A.A. Potapov

  • Potapov, A.A. Creation and development of the fundamental area "Fractal radiophysics and fractal radio electronics: development of fractal radio systems”. Part 2. Selected results and perspective trends. / A.A. Potapov

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