Jumabek Tashenоv — community and government leaders of the Kazakh people

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dc.contributor.author Smagulov, N.B.
dc.date.accessioned 2019-09-11T09:32:46Z
dc.date.available 2019-09-11T09:32:46Z
dc.date.issued 2013-12-26
dc.identifier.citation Smagulov N.B. Jumabek Tashenоv — community and government leaders of the Kazakh people /N.B.Smagulov //Қарағанды универисетінің хабаршысы. Тарих. Философия сериясы.=Вестник Карагандинского университета. Серия История. Философия=Bulletin of the Karaganda University. History. Philosophy Series.-2013.-№4.С.25-30 ru_RU
dc.identifier.issn 0142-0843
dc.identifier.uri http://rep.ksu.kz//handle/data/7590
dc.description.abstract In this article, the authors make a scientific analysis of the introduced mite of Jumabek Ahmetuly Tashenov in the socio-economic and social-political life of Kazakhstan during his tenure as Chairman of the government. Jumabek Tashenov can properly use your mind, experience and organizational skills for the benefit of the economy and culture of Kazakhstan. Even if he was shot from a higher power, he was given to him by charismatics made a great contribution to the development and revival of the social structure of science and the national culture of the people. In addition, the authors note a large investment of labor Jumabek Tashenova to maintain the integrity of the current territories of Kazaкhstan. It is also the authors take into account the fact that he sacrificed his high position power to the people. ru_RU
dc.language.iso en ru_RU
dc.publisher Ye.A.Buketov Karaganda State University Publ. ru_RU
dc.relation.ispartofseries Bulletin of the Karaganda University. History. Philosophy Series;№4(72)/2013
dc.subject Kazakhstan–2050 ru_RU
dc.subject Soviet Union ru_RU
dc.subject Kazakh SSR Supreme Soviet ru_RU
dc.subject Kazakh SSR Soviet of Ministers ru_RU
dc.subject totalitarian ru_RU
dc.subject Republic ru_RU
dc.subject virgin soil zone ru_RU
dc.subject Zhumabek Tashenov ru_RU
dc.subject D.A.Konayev ru_RU
dc.subject N.S.Khrushchev ru_RU
dc.subject statesman ru_RU
dc.title Jumabek Tashenоv — community and government leaders of the Kazakh people ru_RU
dc.title.alternative Жұмабек Тəшенов — қазақ халқының мемлекет жəне қоғам қайраткері ru_RU
dc.title.alternative Жумабек Ташенов — государственный и общественный деятель казахского народа ru_RU
dc.type Article ru_RU

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