2010 №2(14)

2010 №2(14)


  • Bazanov, A.V. Affecting of high-speed shift on rheological behavior of aqueous solutions of mixes sodium carboxymethylcellulose and hydroxyetylcellulose / A.V.Bazanov, O.V.Alekseeva, A.N.Rodionova [et al.]

  • Kumekov, M.E. Genesis of nanostructures formation in amorphous hydrogenated semiconductors A-SI1-X CX: H / M.E. Kumekov

  • Afanasyev, D.A. Influence of temperature and magnetic fields on inter layers and intra layer annihilation of the triplet centres in nanoscale films of coumarin dye / D.A. Afanasyev, N. Kh. Ibrayev

  • Ermaganbetov, K.T. About the possibility of the estimation of superficial potential of semiconductor films from thickness dependence of kinetic factors / K.T. Ermaganbetov, L.V. Chirkova

  • Prmantayeva, B.A. Proton, π- and K+-meson scattering on 7Li nucleus within the framework of glauber theory / B.A. Prmantayeva

  • Brednikhin, S.A. Particle transfer modelling in nonlinear systems by Monte-Carlo method / S.A. Brednikhin, S.I. Lezhnin

  • Kusaiynov, K. Influence of electric hydroimpulse processing on properties of watercoal mixtures / K. Kusaiynov, S.E. Sakipova, G.K. Alpysova [et al.]

  • Kusaiynov, K.K. The research of aerodynamics of circulating cones in survey / K.K. Kusaiynov, N.S. Smakova, A.N. Dusembayeva

  • Kiryushin, D.V. Numerical model of motion of electron in gas / D.V. Kiryushin, D.E. Korytchinkov, D.V. Suvorov [et al.]

  • Raskolenko, L.G. The dynamic structure plotting during experimental research into the behavior of systems with comlex organization / L.G. Raskolenko, O.A. Shkoda

  • Kabyshev, A.V. Peculiarities of electrophysical properties of arsenide gallium films deposited under nonequilibrium conditions / A.V. Kabyshev, F.V. Konusov, G.E. Remnev [et al.]

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