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  • Recent Submissions

    • Ilyassov, B. R.; Ibraev, N. Kh.; Abzhanova, D. B. (ALLERTON PRESS INC, 2015-05)
      ZnO nanowire arrays were synthesized by hydrothermal method for 8, 10, and 12 hours. The array synthesized for 10h had the highest surface area and aspect ratio, and DSSC based on the 10h nanowire array revealed the best ...
    • Baikenov, M.I.; Baikenova, G.G.; Isabaev, A.S.; Tateeva, A.B.; Akhmetkarimova, Zh.S.; Tusipkhan, A.; Mataeva, A.Zh.; Esenbaeva, K.K. (ALLERTON PRESS INC, 2015-05)
      The hydrogenation of anthracene in the presence of the nanosized catalysts based on iron β FeOOH and Fe(OA)3 (OA refers to oleic acid) and the spherical catalysts NiO/SiO2 and Fe2O3/SiO2 obtained from ash and slag from ...
    • Merkhatuly, N.; Abeuova, S.B.; Iskanderov, A.N.; Omarova, A.T.; Toktarova, L.N. (SPRINGER, 2015-11)
    • Merkhatuly, N.; Abeuova, S.B.; Omarova, A.T.; Aldabergenova, S.K.; Balmagambetova, L.T. (SPRINGER, 2015-12)
    • Sal’keev, L. K.; Röschenthaler, G. -V.; Bakibaev, A. A.; Voitiče, P.; Shibaeva, A. K.; Taishibekova, E. K.; Zhortarova, A. A.; Sugralina, L. M. (SPRINGER, 2015-03)
      Functionalization of some cyclic bisureas (glycolurils) and their methylol derivatives was investigated with the goal to obtain new azaheterocycles. The modification of tetra-N-methylglycoluril gave unknown before ...
    • Kusaiynov, K.; Shuyushbayeva, N. N.; Nusupbekov, B. R.; Turdybekov, K. M.; Shaimerdenova, K. M.; Akhmadiev, B. A. (MAIK NAUKA, 2015-12)
      We consider the changes and the quality of the surface of the electrode system of the drill after electrohydraulic pulsed treatment. Spectral analysis of the microstructure of melted regions of the drill electrode surface, ...
    • Afanas’ev, D. A.; Davidenko, N. A.; Davidenko, I. I.; Ibraev, N. Kh.; Mokrinskaya, E. V.; Studzinskii, S. L.; Pavlov, V. A.; Tonkopieva, L. S.; Chuprina, N. G. (MAIK NAUKA/INTERPERIODICA/SPRINGER, 233 SPRING ST, NEW YORK, 2015-07)
      It has been found that films of polymer composites based on polyvinyl alcohol doped with a xan thene dye possess photovoltaic properties, and the photovoltaic response varies little at the dye concentration greater than ...
    • Kusaiynov, K.; Shuyushbayeva, N. N.; Shaimerdenova, K. M.; Nurgalieva, Zh. G.; Omarov, N. N. (SPRINGER, 2015-05)
      In this paper, consideration is given to the effi ciency of utilization of the low-potential heat of the ground. Also,the advantages and distinctive features of polyethylene tubes used in vertical tubular elements of heat ...
    • Kusaiynov, K.; Kambarova, Zh. T.; Tanasheva, N. K.; Shaimerdenova, K. M.; Alibekova, A. R. (SPRINGER, 2015-03)
      An experiment to determine the aerodynamic characteristics of a wind turbine with sail blades was conducted on a model. The dependence of the drag and lift coeffi cients on the dimensionless angle of attack and the number ...
    • Pogosyan, G. P.; Konovalova, A. A.; Protas, V. V.; Dodonova, A. Sh. (SPRINGER, 2015-12)
      Hepatitis C virus loading was evaluated using modifi cations of PCR product detection: terminal point fl uorescent detection, real time assay, and agarose gel electrophoresis. The advantages and fl aws of the real time PCR ...
    • Sakipova, S.; Jakovics, A.; Gendelis, S. (ELSEVIER SCIENCE BV, 2015)
      The paper discusses problems of energy supply of buildings using renewable sources given the local climatic conditions. The meteorological conditions in Latvia and Riga for last year were analyzed. In paper shows examples ...
    • Кoketai, T.; Тagayeva, B.; Тussupbekova, A.; Mussenova, E. (ELSEVIER SCIENCE BV, 2015)
      The mechanisms of formation of A-radicals in the crystal K2SO4. Calculations established that the excitation of oscillations on the O-H bond in the triplet excitons in the excited state leads to a situation vibronic ...
    • Кoketai, T.; Тagayeva, B.; Тussupbekova, A.; Mussenova, E. (ELSEVIER SCIENCE BV, 2015)
      The recombinational luminescence of crystals of K2SO4-Mn2+ and K2SO4-Ni2+ is studied in the article. It is established that impurity ions form the radiation induced centers. The cause of changes of the distribution of ...
    • Ilyassov, B.; Ibrayev, N.Kh.; Nuraje, N. (ELSEVIER SCI LTD, 2015-12)
      In this study, the effect of morphology and defect density of ZnO nanostructures on photovoltaic performance and electron transport properties of Dye-sensitized solar cells (DSSCs) have been investigated by using highly ...
    • Ibrayev, N.; Seliverstova, E.; Nuraje, N.; Ishchenko, A. (ELSEVIER SCI LTD, 2015-03)
      Forster resonance energy transfer between the xanthene dye (donor of energy) and a new polymethine dye (acceptor of energy) was studied on the surface of TiO2 films in dye-sensitized solar cells. It was shown that the ...
    • Kurytnik, I; Nussupbekov, B. R.; Khassenov, A. K.; Karabekova, D. Z. (POLSKA AKAD NAUK, 2015)
      The article is concerned with methods of ragging and grinding of copper ore. The proposed electric pulse technology is one of the energetically favorable methods of ragging and grinding of natural minerals and anthropogenic ...
    • Burkeev, M.Zh.; Kovaleva, A.K.; Tazhbaev, E.M.; Burkeeva, G.K.; Davrenbekov, S.Zh.; Kopbosynova, A.A.; Omasheva, A.V.; Mataev, M.M. (Pleiades Publishing, 2015)
      The radical copolymerization of poly(ethylene glycol maleate) with acrylamide was performed for the fi rst time to obtain 3D cross-linked polymers. The infl uence of temperature, pH of the medium, and organic solvents on the ...
    • Ilyassov, B.R.; Ibraev, N.Kh.; Abzhanova, D.B. (IOP Publishing, 2015)
      ZnO nanowire arrays were synthesized by hydrothermal method for 8, 10, and 12 hours. The array synthesized for 10h had the highest surface area and aspect ratio, and DSSC based on the 10h nanowire array revealed the best ...
    • Baikenov, M.I.; Tateeva, A.B.; Akhmetkarimova, Zh.S.; Tusipkhan, A.; Mataeva, A.Zh.; Esenbaeva, K.K. (Allerton Press, 2015)
      The kinetic and thermodynamic parameters of the hydrogenation of an anthracene–ben􀀀 zothiophene model mixture were calculated. The rate constants of forward and reverse reactions, the equilib􀀀 rium constant, the activation ...
    • Kasenov, B.K.; Turtubaeva, M.O.; Amerkhanova, Sh.K.; Kasenova, Sh.B.; Sagintaeva, Zh.I.; Kuanyshbekov, E.E.; Seisenova, A.A.; Smagulova, D.I. (Pleiades Publishing, 2015)
      Temperature dependences of the heat capacities of cobalt manganites LaM2 CoMnO6 (MII = Mg,Ca, Sr, Ba) are investigated by means of dynamic calorimetry in the temperature range of 298.15–673 K. It is established that cobalt ...

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