2015 №1(23)

2015 №1(23)


  • Potapov, A.A. Feynman integrals, fractal paradigm and new point of view on hydroacoustics / A.A. Potapov, A.E. Rassadin

  • Baktybekov, K. The method of calculation of flooding zones on an territory with the use of digital elevation model on the basis of successive pools / K. Baktybekov, B. Bekmukhamedov, M. Muratbekov [et al.]

  • Rystygulova, V.B. About solution of the damped oscillations / V.B. Rystygulova, Sh.I. Khamrayev

  • Assylbekova, S.N. Numerical modeling of hexapole-cylindrical analyzer of charged particles with a concave outer electrode/ S.N.Assylbekova, A.O.Saulebekov, Zh.T.Kambarova

  • Kalytka, V.А. Non – linear quantum effects during migratory polarization in range of extra – low temperatures / V.А. Kalytka, S.N. Kamarova, A.I. Krasnuk

  • Yershina, A. Wind power units 's protection of rotary type in unfavourable climate conditions / A. Yershina, S. Abisheva, A. Bizhanova

  • Stoev, M. Changing the microstructure of the electrode surfaces during underwater electric discharges/ M.Stoev, K.Kussaiynov, N.N.Shuyushbayeva a.e.

  • Kussaiynov K.K.The development of a double wind turbine with sail wind wheels placed at right angle to one another/K.K.Kussaiynov , S.E.Sakipova, Zh.T. Kambarova, M.M.Turgunov

  • Aikeyeva A.A.The research loads on the skip of mine and quarry electromagnetic lifting installation/ A.A.Aikeyeva,B.A.Zhautikov , F.B. Zhautikov

  • Kussaiynov, K.Electrohydropulse technology of processing oil slimes and oil-containing technogenic raw materials/ K.Kussaiynov, A.Zh.Satybaldin,K.K.Sadenova

  • Dyussembekova, A.S.Improvement of dynamic properties of automatic control systems by means of deadbeat feedback/A.S.Dyussembekova , Zh.T.Ismailov, U.S.Kubayeva

  • Amochaeva, G.P.Enhancement of railway automatic equipment by means of computer networks implementation/ G.P.Amochaeva, G.I. Omarbekova, G.S.Seisenbayeva

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