2016 №2(26)

2016 №2(26)


  • Yershina A.K. Analysis of developing wind power apparatus in kazakhstan /A.K.Yershina, Zh.K.Nursadykova, M.A.Borybaeva

  • Suprun T.T. Heat transfer in the presence of transition induced by wakes of hesitating cylinder /T.T.Suprun

  • Ultrasound control and study of physical model conduct of 20 gl steel tensile /A.M.Pavlov [et al.]

  • Physicochemical analysis of the processes of formation of nanodiamond-based polycrystalline materials /M.L.Kheyfetz [et al.]

  • To the methodology of the research of the gte turbine blades platformswear /L.I.Ivshchenko [et al.]

  • Resonant dissipative model of the faraday effect in a dielectric multilayer nano – structures /M.R.Zhumaev, M.Z.Sharipov

  • The analysis of roof fall risk assessment methods in underground workings /A.N.Domrachev [et al.]

  • Potapov A.A. Analysis and synthesis of topological radar detectors of low-contrast targets against the background of high intensity noise as a new branch of radiolocation and the theory of statistical solutions /A.A.Potapov

  • Potapov A.A. On fractal dimension spectrum of new lightning discharge types in ionosphere: elves, jets and sprites /A.A.Potapov

  • Ibrayev, N.Kh. Influence of annealing temperature on photophysical properties of nanostructured tio2 films / N.Kh. Ibrayev, T.M. Serikov, А.К. Zeinidenov [et al.]

  • Aimukhanov, A.K. Influence au nanoparticles on absorption and luminescent properties rhodamin c in ethanol /A.K. Aimukhanov, A.M. Esimbek, N.Kh. Ibrayev

  • Saulebekov, A.O. Calculation of the instrumental function of the combined energy analyzer of charged particles beam/ A.O.Saulebekov, ZH.T.Kambarova

  • Platonova, E.S. Some aspects of the theory and practice of corrosion and thermal destruction of metal materialsand of metal coatings/ E.S. Platonova,V.M.Yurov , E.N.Eremin [et al.]

  • Shuyushbayeva, N. Influence of pulse electrical discharges on the microstructure of the electrode system drill/ N. Shuyushbayeva [et al.]

  • Sakipova, S.E. Study of aerodynamic characteristics of the model of a wind turbine with rotating cylinders/S.E.Sakipova N.K.,N.K. Tanasheva ,V.I. Kivrin

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