Synthesis of novel polymers on the basis of polycondensation of diamines with esters of tetracarboxylic acid

Show simple item record Salkeeva, L.K. Taishibekova, Ye.K. Shibayeva, A.K. Sugralina, L.M. Omasheva, A.B. Zhortarova, A.A. Salkeeva, A.K. 2019-03-20T08:51:50Z 2019-03-20T08:51:50Z 2014-06-30
dc.identifier.issn 0142-0843
dc.description.abstract Polymerization of heterocyclic monomers is known to lead to the formation of polymers possessing complex of predictable practically useful properties, in particular, thermoplastic and heat-resistant ones. As object of research we used heterocyclic polyamide synthesized by polycondensation of ethyl ester of ethylenetetracarboxylic acid with polyfunctional diamine. For our research the method of low-temperature polycondensation which began to be applied recently was the most suitable method for obtaining polyamides. The advantage of this method is reducing the duration of the polycondensation and the possibility of obtaining products of high molar mass. Low-temperature polycondensation process is also used for obtaining unstable at the melting point polyamides with aromatic nuclei. ru_RU
dc.language.iso en ru_RU
dc.publisher KSU Publ. ru_RU
dc.relation.ispartofseries Қарағанды универисетінің хабаршысы. ХИМИЯ Сериясы.=Вестник Карагандинского университета. Серия ХИМИЯ.=Bulletin of the Karaganda University. CHEMISTRY Series.;№ 2(74)/ 2014
dc.subject heterocyclic monomers ru_RU
dc.subject polycondensation ru_RU
dc.subject polyamides ru_RU
dc.subject tetracarboxylic acids ru_RU
dc.subject polyfunctional diamine ru_RU
dc.subject thiazoles ru_RU
dc.title Synthesis of novel polymers on the basis of polycondensation of diamines with esters of tetracarboxylic acid ru_RU
dc.title.alternative Диаминдердің тетракарбон қышқылдарының эфирлерімен поликонденсация реакциясы негізінде жаңа полимерлер синтезі ru_RU
dc.title.alternative Синтез новых полимеров на основе реакции поликонденсации диаминов с эфирами тетракарбоновой кислоты ru_RU
dc.type Article ru_RU
dcterms.type Article

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