Dependence of student's educational activity meanings on the peculiarities of coping behavior

Show simple item record Tashimova, F. Pfeifer, N. Burdina, E. Kudysheva, A. Pigovaeva, N. 2018-05-31T03:47:05Z 2018-05-31T03:47:05Z 2014
dc.identifier.citation Dependence of student's educational activity meanings on the peculiarities of coping behavior/F. Tashimova[a.o.]//GLOBAL CONFERENCE ON LINGUISTICS AND FOREIGN LANGUAGE TEACHING (LINELT-2013).-2014.-№136.-pp.-506-510 ru_RU
dc.description.abstract Formation of subject of educational system depends on the meaning which students include in the educational activity(Tashimova F.2010). The problem of personal sense of learning and its determinants were considered in works of H.I. Lijmets (Lijmets H.I., 1982). He determined that cognitive meaning is characteristic of only 25 % of all students. Thereby, it is interesting which meanings are produced by University students and what kind of factors determine them. We proceed from the hypothesis that meanings are determined by actualized system of educational requirements, which depend on their coping peculiarities. Used research methods: According to hypothesis following methods were used in the research: 1. Frydenberg, E.,Lewis, R. Adolescent (Coping Scale - ACS), adopted by Krjukova T.N. (Krjukova T.N., 2004); methodic “Meaning of behavior ” (Tashimova F.S., 1995). Processing was carried out by means of factor and objective analysis. As a result four groups ofstudents with different meanings of educational activities were pointed out: 1st group - self-affirmation: 2nd group - cognition; 3d group - communication; 4th group - achievement. It was pointed out that the meaning of self-affirmation is provided with mobile coping style, which is characterized by high orientation on problem solving and a high level of self-control (egoism, selfishness). The meaning of cognition is typical for students with a harmonious style of coping, where the process of overcoming and protection are in equilibrium. The communicative meaning is stimulated by egocentric style of coping, determined by the prevalence of psychological defense mechanisms (Withdrawal, Johanna's complex). In this group of students educational process compensates egocentrism by provision of communication. The meaning of achievement (obtaining a diploma) is identified by sociocentric coping style, in which dominates focus on receiving assistance from other people. ru_RU
dc.language.iso en ru_RU
dc.publisher ELSEVIER SCIENCE BV ru_RU
dc.relation.ispartofseries Procedia Social and Behavioral Sciences;№136
dc.subject educational activity ru_RU
dc.subject coping behavior ru_RU
dc.subject overcoming ru_RU
dc.subject psychological defense ru_RU
dc.title Dependence of student's educational activity meanings on the peculiarities of coping behavior ru_RU
dc.type Article ru_RU

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