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  • Ibrayev, N.Kh.; Aimukhanov, A.K.; Zeinidenov, A.K. (IOP PUBLISHING LTD, 2016)
    Research of influence of Ag nanoparticles are in-process undertaken on absorption and on parameters СVC DSS-cells sensitized Z907. It is set that with the height of concentration Ag nanoparticles in tape to the concentration ...
  • Sakipova, S.; Jakovics, A.; Gendelis, S (DE GRUYTER OPEN LTD, 2016-02)
    The article discusses some aspects of the use of renewable energy sources in the climatic conditions prevailing in most of the territory of Latvia, with relatively low wind speeds and a small number of sunny days a year. ...
  • Nussupbekov, B. R.; Karabekova, D. Zh; Khassennov, A. K. (Springer US, 2016-09)
    This article describes several developed modifications to heat flux sensors. A common element in these devices is a specially designed thermopile sensor that acts as a thermoelectric converter of heat flow.
  • Kasenov, B. K.; Kasenova, Sh. B.; Sagintaeva, Zh. I.; Seisenova, A. A.; Turtubaeva, M. O.; Kuanyshbekov, E. E.; Ermaganbetov, K. T. (Pleiades Publishing, 2016-04)
    Temperature dependences of the heat capacity of new zincate-manganites of LaM2 IIZnMnO6 (MII = Mg, Ca, Sr, Ba) composition are studied via experimental calorimetry in the interval of 298.15–673 K. It is found that all ...
  • Mustafin, E. S.; Kaikenov, D. A.; Pudov, A. M.; Omarov, Kh. B.; Karabekova, D. Zh.; Sarsenbaev, B. Sh. (Pleiades Publishing, 2016-12)
    —Four compounds with the general formula GdMIICoO3.5 (MII = Mg, Ca, Sr, Ba) have been pre pared for the first time by hightemperature solidstate reactions between gadolinium(III) oxide, cobalt(II) oxide, and alkalineearth ...
  • Saulebekov, A. O.; Kambarova, Zh. T.; Assylbekova, S. N. (IOP PUBLISHING LTD, 2016)
    The possibility to convert the combined electrostatic energy analyzer of charged particles into double spectrograph regime in energy and angle has been studied. The analyzer consists of the hyperbolic and cylindrical ...

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