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  • Omarov, K. B.; Absat, Z.B.; Aldabergenova, S. K.; Siyazova, A. B.; Rakhimzhanova, N. J.; Sagindykova, Z. B. (2015-06-10)
    Industrial production of copper solutions, in addition to the basic compo- nents (Cu, Ni), contain undesirable impurities which include arsenic and antimony. The process of withdrawal of antimony in copper electrolyte ...
  • Omarov, K.B.; Aldabergenova, S.K.; Absat, Z.B.; Rakhimzhanova, Z.; Siyazova, A.B. (2016-08-08)
    Abstract—A thermodynamic analysis of Mn-As-H2O, Mn-Sb- H2O, Mn-Bi-H2O systems was made through calculation and drawing diagrams of E-pH, where the boundaries of the area of sustainability and formation of ...

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