• Eremin E.N. Anti-corrosion wear-resistant coatings on parts of oil field equipment

  • Eremin E.N. Antifriction superhard coatings for drill bits and boring cutters

  • Жетписбаева Б.А. Проблемы внедрения раннего английскому языку в рамках реализации полиязычного образования в Казахстане

  • Жетписбаева Б.А. Организационно-педагогические условия внедрения раннего обучения иностранным языкам в Республике Казахстан: опыт, проблемы, перспективы

  • Шайхызада Ж.Г. Модель технологии иноязычной подготовки студентов инженерных специальностей в условиях полиязычного образования в Казахстане

  • Жилбаев Ж.О. Роль международных сравнительных исследований в развитии Казахстанской системы образования

  • Ishmuratova M.Yu. Evaluation of Specific Diversity of Endemic Plants of Karagandy Region’s Flora

  • Saulebekov А.О. Сonversion of the electrostatic energy analyzer of charged particles into double spectrograph regime in energy and angle

  • Yurov V.M. Determination of glass transition temperature for polymers by methods of thermoactivation spectroscopy

  • Komekbayeva L.S. Developing Crisis Management Model for Second-Tier Banks in the Post-Crisis Period of Economy Development in the Republic of Kazakhstan

  • Kadyrov Zh. Do Function Words Belong to Part of Speech?

  • Yurov V.M. Effect of an electric field on nucleation and growth of crystals

  • Eremin E.N. Effect of ion irradiation on the properties multi-element plasma coatings

  • Ibrayev N.Kh. Effect of potassium iodide on luminescent and photovoltaic properties of organic solar cells P3HT-PCBM

  • Golenkina V.V. Electromagnetic properties of LaCa3Fe5O12 in the microwave range

  • Seliverstova E.V. Plasmon-enhanced stimulated emission of chromene dye

  • Serikov T.M. Surface and sorption properties of TIO2 nanotubes, synthesized by electrochemical anodization

  • Ilyassov B.R. Synthesis of nanostructured films of zinc oxide and a study of its structural and luminescent properties

  • Ibrayev N.Kh. The impact of Ag nanoparticles on the parameters of DSS–cells sensitized by Z907


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