Recent achievements in perovskite solar cells

Show simple item record Ilyassov, B.R. Ibrayev, N.Kh. 2016-09-15T10:08:34Z 2016-09-15T10:08:34Z 2016-06-30
dc.identifier.issn 0142-0843
dc.description.abstract Hybrid (organo-inorganic) perovskite materials are potential candidate as a photoactive materals for photovoltaics. Currently, many research groups have been focused on designing the perovskite materials in such a way so that it can harness the broad spectrum of visible light wavelength. Hybrid perovskites such methylammonium lead halides reveal unique photovoltaic and charge transport properties. The main objec- tives of this article are to provide some recent research progress on perovskite nanomaterials for solar cell application. Therefore, this mini review paper summarizes some recent development of organic-inorganic perovskite materials of different research groups and provides some useful insights for its future improve- ment. ru_RU
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dc.publisher Вестник Карагандинского университета ru_RU
dc.relation.ispartofseries Физика;
dc.subject photoactive materials ru_RU
dc.subject photovoltaics ru_RU
dc.subject hybrid perovskites ru_RU
dc.subject nanomaterials ru_RU
dc.subject sunny batteries ru_RU
dc.title Recent achievements in perovskite solar cells ru_RU
dc.type Article ru_RU

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