2020 №1(33)

2020 №1(33)


  • Nikolaev E.V. Investigation of electrical properties homogeneity of Li-Ti-Zn ferrite ceramics

  • Eremin E.N.Wear resistance and tribological properties of high entropy coatings CrNiTiZrCu

  • Senyut V.T. Study of synergistic effect of mechanical activation and high pressure and high temperature sintering on the structure of the material based on boron nitride

  • Surzhikov A.P. Phase transformations in ferrites during radiation-thermal sintering

  • Ospanali A.T. Obtaining of carbon nanofibers based on polyacrylonitrile by the method of electrospinning

  • Nazarov K.M. Study of water infiltration into cement-based mortars using real-time thermal neutron radiography

  • Kadyrzhanov K.K. Investigation of the effect of exposure to heavy xe22+ ions on the mechanical properties of carbide ceramics

  • Dikhanbayev K.K. Electrical properties of silicon nanowires under ammonia adsorption conditions

  • Rakhadilov B.K. Impact of the detonation gas spraying mode on the phase composition and adhesional strength of Ti-Si-C coatings

  • Sharipov M.Z. Influence of hexagonal symmetry stresses on domain structure and magnetization process of FeBO3 single crystal

  • Karipbayev Zh. Time-resolved luminescence excited with N2 laser of YAG:CE ceramics formed by electron beam assisted synthesis

  • Obukhov S.G. Dynamic wind speed model for solving wind power problems

  • Toleuov G.K. Calculation of the end plates frictional resistance effect on the flat jet dynamics

  • Sharifov D.M. Study of some features of the laser optical-acoustic method for technical diagnostics of heat and power engineering objects

  • Nizhegorodov A.I. Study of dynamic processes in bulk material during its baking

  • Sakipova S.E. Modeling aerodynamics of a wind turbine with cylindrical blades in a turbulent air flow

  • Karabekova D.Zh. Variation of spatially heterogeneous radiation by coordinate-sensitive receiver

  • Baldytchev M.T. Evaluation of the potential accuracy of the pulsed radio signals source coordinate determination by the positioning system using a single uav-sensor

  • Makeeva O.V. Development of a device for determining work electron output

  • Temiraliev A. Birth and fusion in a sol-gel process with low diffusion

  • Plotnikova I.V. Calculation of structural parameters and design of a protective shield for an x-ray system

  • Kazhikenova S.Sh. Finite difference method implementation for numericalintegration hydrodynamic equations melts

  • Aitkhozhayeva Y.Zh. Design and research of the behavioral model for the modular reduction device

  • Baktybekov K.S. Modeling of flood inundation for Zhabay river basin in Central Kazakhstan region

  • Saulebekov А.О. The high-resolution electrostatic energy analyzer for space research

  • Shaikhova G.N. Traveling wave solutions of two-dimensional nonlinear Schrodinger equation via sine-cosine method

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