• Rakhadilov B.K. Preparation of powder coatings on the surface of steel balls by mechanochemical synthesis

  • Tarakanova V.A. Experimental characterization of firebrand ignition of some wood building materials

  • Rakhadilov B.K. Obtaining functional gradient coatings based on Al2O3 by detonation spraying

  • Stuglik J. Normalization of reproducibility and suitability indexes for assessment of products or production services quality

  • Kozhanova R.S. Interaction model of low-temperature plasma with a steel surface during electrolyte plasma nitriding in an electrolyte on the bases of carbamide

  • Goldshtein A.E. Modeling of magnetic fields and signals of a ferromagnetic pipe flaw detector induced by a through hole defect

  • Nosov P.S. Identification of distortion of the navigator's time in model experiment

  • Khassenov A.K. Investigation of the effect of electro-hydraulic pulses on the combustion process of phosphorus sludge

  • Baldychev M. Model of forming a spatial-temporary radio frequency portrait of subscriber terminals in satellite communication systems monitoring

  • Prutko A.S. Development of the electronic physics textbook for students of secondary school

  • Shuyushbayeva N.N. Formation of ICT competencies for future physics teachers

  • Сакипова С.Е. Жоғары оқу орындарының жаратылыстану-ғылыми жəне техникалық мамандықтары бойынша оқитын студенттерінің зерттеушілік қабілеттіліктерін дамыту

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