2020 №2(34)

2020 №2(34)


  • Formation of magnetic properties of ferrites during radiation-thermal sintering/Stary O.[et al.]

  • Variation of structural properties of al doped Ni-Cd ferrites with sintering time/Halamani Koushallya M.[et al.]

  • Determination of the influence of the phase composition of Cu-Bi coatings on the efficiency of shielding from ionizing radiation/K.K. Kadyrzhanov[et al.]

  • Nitrogening hydraulic cylinder rods/V.M. Yurov[et al.]

  • Composition and structure of composite coatings based on metal oxides and polytetrafluoroethylenedeposited under conditions of electron-initiated endothermic processes/А.P. Surzhikov[et al.]

  • Width of energy band gap of nanoporous semiconductor films/Z.Zh. Zhanabaev[et al.]

  • Yeszhanov A.B. Hydrophobization of pet track-etched membranes for direct contact membrane distillation of liquid radioactive wastes/A.B.Yeszhanov,S.S. Dosmagambetova

  • Investigation of optical and electrophysical characteristics of composite films nio/pedot:pss/A.K. Aimukhanov

  • Turmukhambetov A.Zh. Fractal-structural analysis of convection heat transfer in a turbulent medium/A.Zh.Turmukhambetov, K.A. Aitmanovа, S.B. Оtegenova

  • Кауаn V. Darrieus type wind turbine with controlled blades/V. Кауаn, O. Lebid

  • Yershina A.K. Darrieus type wind turbine with controlled blades/A.K. Yershina, S.E. Sakipova

  • Bezrodny M.K. The heat pump system for ventilation and air conditioning inside the production area with an excessive internal moisture generation/M.K. Bezrodny, T.O. Misiura

  • Design-basis justification for implementing targeted energy release in test objects of the impulse graphite reactor/V.A. Vityuk[et al.]

  • Electric pulse method for producing a small-dispersed product of coal-water fuel/A.K. Khassenov[et al.]

  • Technology and equipment for processing of large-sized vermiculite micas of the kovdor deposit/A.I. Nizhegorodov[et al.]

  • Static interaction of rough surfaces under normal force/S.Khairaliyev[et al.]

  • Deuterium trapping in tungsten irradiated with deuterium plasma at high temperatures/B.K. Rakhadilov[et al.]

  • The object tracking algorithm using dimensional based detection for public street environment/I. G. Matveev[et al.]

  • Particle swarm optimization with individually biased particles for reliable and robust maximum power point tracking under partial shading conditions/Baktybekov K. [et al.]

  • Analysis of the applicability of physical models to describe densification of lithium ferrite compacts during sintering in the field of intense electron beam/Surzhikov A.P. [et al.]

  • Arkhipov V.V. On the structure of cohomological models of electrodynamics and general relativity/V.V. Arkhipov, A.K. Aringazin, A.S. Kudussov

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