• Madiyarova E.S. Current State of the East Kazakhstan Transportation and Logistics Complex

  • Mamrayeva D.G. Theoretical aspects of studying of the innovations commercialization process

  • Meiramkulova K.S. Analysis of the current state of production activity of the "Izhevsky" production cooperative of Akmola region

  • Muratova R.A. Prospects of industrial and innovative development of the economy of Kazakhstan in modern conditions

  • Borbasova Z.N. Improvement of regional development using current and strategic territorial management mechanisms

  • Ruziyeva E.A. Modeling and analysis of the mutual influence of the RUB/ KZT and USD / KZT exchange rates: the period before the pandemic and as a result of the impact of COVID-19

  • Shinet G.G. Role and development of personal husbandries in solving employment issues in the region

  • Tashenova L.V. Innovative activity of the enterprises in Kazakhstan: economic and statistical analysis

  • Zhashkenova R.B. Transformation of university strategies in the digitalization of the educational space

  • Amirova А.К. On the issue of transformational management at the Agency for Civil Service Affairs in the course of a new remuneration system piloting

  • Berdibekov A.B. The labor market of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the context of global challenges

  • Borzenko O. The role of clusters in the modern economy, their advantages and world experience

  • Kabdybay A.K. Directions of the state policy of technological development of the mining and metallurgical complex of Kazakhstan

  • Kernebaev A.S. Priority directions of innovative development of the agro-industrial complex of Kazakhstan

  • Mussina S.T. Migration processes in Kazakhstan: Trends, specifics, factors

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