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  • Kabanikhin, S.I.; Iskakov, K.T.; Sholpanbaev, B.B.; Shishlenin, M.A.; Tokseit, D.K. (Ye.A.Buketov Karaganda State University Publ., 2018-12-29)
    In this paper, we consider a mathematical model for the interpretation of the radarograms which obtained by GPR systems. As noted in [1-3], in addition to testing the algorithms, it is necessary to compare the calculated ...
  • Kabanikhin, S.I.; Iskakov, K.T.; Tokseit, D.K.; Shishlenin, M.A.; Toibekov, A. (KU Publ., 2020-12-30)
    In this paper, we consider the problem of determining the source h(t) (x) of electromagnetic waves from GPR data. The task of electromagnetic sensing is to find the pulse characteristic of the medium r(t) and consists ...

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