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2015 : [23]

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  • Burkeev M. Zh. Nanocatalytic Systems Based on Poly(ethylene glycol maleate)–Acrylamide Copolymers

  • Baikenov M.I. Equilibrium Kinetic Analysis of a Model Mixture of Anthracene and Benzothiophene/M. I. Baikenov a.e.

  • Kasenov B.K. Heat Capacities and Thermodynamic Functions of New Cobalt Manganites LaM2IICoMnO6 (MII—Mg, Ca, Sr, Ba) in the 298.15–673 K Temperature Range


  • Kolumbaeva Z.Role of Biys in Historical Consciousness Kazakh Society

  • Yurov V.M. Multiphase composite coatings: structure and properties

  • Burkeev M. Zh. Thermal Destruction of Copolymers of Polypropylene Glycol Maleate

  • Serikov T.M. Synthesis and investigation of the geometric characteristics of

  • Golovanova O.A. Effect of cations (Mg2+, Zn2+, Cd2+) on formation of the mineral phase in Ca(NO3) 2 -Mg(NO3) 2-Na2HPO4-H2O system

  • Sakipova S.E. Effect of electric pulse processing on physical and chemical properties of inorganic materials

  • Jenaliyev M. On a Volterra equation of the second kind with 'incompressible' kernel

  • Platonova E. S. Effect of ion irradiation on tribological properties of composite coatings

  • Khuanbay Ye. The study of the structural and superconducting properties of YBaCuO films produced by laser ablation method

  • Motuzaite Matuzeviciute G. The extent of cereal cultivation among the Bronze Age to Turkic period societies of Kazakhstan determined using stable isotope analysis of bone collagen

  • Lightfoot E. How "Pastoral' is Pastoralism? Dietary Diversity in Bronze Age Communities in the Central Kazakhstan Steppes

  • Khuanbay Ye Production of nanostructured TiO2 films by pulsed laser deposition

  • Ibrayev N. Kh. Study lasing properties of Rhodamine 4c dye in the pores of anodized aluminum

  • Baikenov M. I. Effect of new catalytic systems on the process of anthracene hydrogenation

  • Afanasyev D. A. Research of the photovoltaic properties of anodized films of Sn

  • Ibraev N. Kh. Dependence of the Efficiency of Triplet-Triplet Energy Transfer on the Distance Between the Donor and Acceptor

  • Rustembekov K. T. Heat capacity and thermodynamic functions of cerium tellurites in the range of 298.15-673 K


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